The growing “cash in transit” industry is good news for the armored cars companies

The growing “cash in transit” industry is good news for the armored cars companies

Canada is home to many organizations that manufacture armored vehicles. With a workforce comprising of diverse cultures, the Canadian companies have made a name for themselves in this field. Over the years, Canadian manufacturing firms have catered to a wide variety of clients too. While some seek great luxury and features like TV and PlayStation, others seek it for pure utility based functions.

Let’s also acknowledge the fact that the clientele is global and they are willing to pay a premium price for the best armored vehicles. Canadian firms have shown a great deal of innovation and their quality is light years ahead of other competitors. The skill possessed by the technicians and the professionalism they maintain at the workplace helps to maintain this high level of quality.

Many customers belong to firms or agencies that deal with the transit of valuables and important goods-be it money or other valuable items. The number of companies in this business of money in transit has grown significantly over the last decade and there is a large requirement of armored cars like never before. Customers could be government agencies and private business owners as well.

armored carCash in transit is another popular way of terming this industry. With billions of dollars’ worth money being handled, there is no doubting that they need the highest level of security. Transporting money from point A to point B remains the basic duty of these firms. However based on the level of threat, these service providers opt to buy armored vehicles. Even vehicles transporting money to ATM are known to be armored and well protected. Not only do they transport the cash but they also help to verify, store and manage the cash in a protected environment. They ensure that the tellers are safe and that the CCTV is monitored. The task of processing currency has grown as a profitable venture since it is a specialized service and one that requires a greater level of attention. Similarly coin processing is also carried out and requires the same level of security. At times, customers also seek services to transport and store gold, silver, precious stones and other rare items like artifacts.These people seek special vehicles that are armored and also have advanced features including communication equipment.

Banks and other private money lending firms also use vehicles to ensure safe passage. ATM Services are provided as a package that involves several other duties apart from transportation. Services such as ATM installation,maintenance and replenishment of money are also offered by these firms. Hence there is a growing need for armored cars and trucks since more and more crowded cities are being equipped with more ATMs. These ATMs are soft targets and need to be carefully dealt with especially in hostile or crime prone areas.

If you feel that you or your business is in the need of an armored car or truck, then you must check the armored car companies in Canada. From SUVs to stylish German car brands, these companies have a wide fleet. With superior armor technology and a reliable track record, you can be assured of your safety. Read this blog on the growing popularity of armored cars.



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